Current projects

  • RNA tertiary structure prediction from sequence data
  • RNA dynamics-function relationships
  • MicroRNA/TF auto-regulatory feedback loop prediction and experimental validation (coll. Dr. Trang Hoang)
  • microRNA target and efficiency prediction
  • Multiple-target shRNA design (coll. Dr. Gerardo Ferbeyre)
  • ShRNA design against:
    • hypoxia resistance (coll. Dr. Etienne Gagnon)
    • epithelial mesenchymal transition (coll. Dr. Sylvie Mader)



Now recruiting postdoctoral trainees in either computer science or bioinformatics, and students at the PhD level in biochemistry.

Please, send your resume to Dr. Francois Major:

University of Montreal
PO Box 6128, Downtown Station
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3C 3J7

Or by e-mail to